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Well here it is. The list of stuff, or gear if you like to call it that. I have been ask so many times what exactly I use to do The Dana Williams Show. It’s really not a lot of stuff but every single piece is very necessary. There is so much out there and so many ways to do the same thing but at this point this is what I am using and have had real good luck with. Oh and also I have been ask a bunch over the years about the kind of gear I use on the road and in the studio so I am going to try and answer most of that here as well. Let me say on that front ” I am NOT a so called GEAR head but I do like a certain sound and I try to stay consistent for sure. If I leave out something it’s just cause I forgot about it and I will get it on here asap. OK Let’s take a look.




This would be the BEAST, the beginning of it all. I got a powerful enough computer to handle anything
that this show may grow in to. Never know “Video” could be in the future! Also, here is my monitors, keyboard, mouse and speakers

The microphones I use are very cool. For my voice I use the SM 27 and the guest mic is a SM 7b and then when I go mobile to someones house or office I use the good old SM 58


And lets not forget my really cool professional looking Mic Boom!


This would be the interface I use and so far love it! I also have the little mixer that comes in handy.


I just recently moved to using Pro Tools 9 and I’ll be if they didn’t send me a email to upgrade already to 10 !


Sometime last year I finally got a Digital Recorder that I love and makes going mobile a piece of cake. This thing is a 4 track recorder that will record wav’s or MP3’s. You can plug in 2 XLR’s or 2 1/4 inch and has a great condenser mic built in. Love it Love it!


 On The Road

Out on the road and in the studio for me is all about the same to tell you the truth. I have used several basses over the years but I am the guy that likes to find one I like and stick with it. That “don’t fix it if it ain’t broke” way of thinking works good for me. Fender basses have been REAL good to me. Never tear up, just a great solid guitar. Right now and for the past 8 years or so I have been playing a Fender Roscoe Beck Signature Five-String Bass and I love it. I recorded our last 2 CD’s on it with the wonderful GHS Bass Boomers. Just can’t beat it my friends!

In live shows you may notice me going back almost behind the drums and staring at something. I have a mute switch back there where I can touch up the tuning at times during the show and the Korg DTR-2000 does a great job. I have 2 of these. One back stage and one on stage.


The ear monitors are awesome that we use. All Shure stuff and by far the best we’ve ever had and we have had a lot of them for a long time believe me.

That’s it for now. As I think of other stuff or things change I will keep you up to date.

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