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Shannon was out this night but what a fill in I had. Miss Rhonda Vincent was fantastic! We played all our favorites, many many stories, lots of request from the chat room and Rhonda even did a LIVE tribute to “the Possum” George Jones. This is GREAT show! Everyone please go to Rhonda’s web site or Facebook page and let her know just how much she is appreciated. Be sure and catch the next episode of “Radio ReHab” every Monday at 7pm central right here on DWSHOW Radio.Rhonda Vincent


Here’s another episode of “Radio Rehab” The Dana and Shannon Show from 4-22-2013 in Podcast form for everyone that might have missed the show live. Be sure and check us out live on Monday nights at 7pm central right here on this web site so you can get in on the fun!

This is slowly but surely becoming a BIG part of life for us. We look forward to every show like it’s the first one. This is the first show with the new name “Radio ReHab”.   We like it and it’s going to stick! All of you that listen makes this show what it is, which is FUN FUN FUN!!! This is also the first time I have put it in podcast form, hence why all the music is stripped out of it but that is all. Everything else is as it happened. This is the way radio should be I tell ya. I love it, Shannon loves it and we hope you love it. Everybody needs a little “Radio ReHab”