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Dana’s Blog

This is just a place that I vent or just talk about whatever comes to mind. Probably of no importance, but you never know!

Hey Guys, Radio Rehab rolls on! We love doing it so much and hope you enjoy it as much. This week is going to be a RE-RUN that we all had a blast that night. My son Jacob a concert at his school and this Daddy can NOT miss it. Please excuse the RE-RUN and we will be back next Monday live and rockin’. In the meantime Click Here and Enjoy EDana and Shannonnjoy Enjoy!!!

Me and RhondaMe and Rhonda2

Hey Guys, This week Shannon is off but we have a very SPECIAL guest filling in for her. The “Queen of Bluegrass” Rhonda Vincent will be joining me for a great night of music, stories and who knows what else. Be sure and join us at 7pm central right here on DWSHOW Radio. Get your request in or call in at (202)643-3262 if you want to be ON the show!

Dana and ShannonIt’s time for another show of “Radio ReHab” right here on DWSHOW RADIO. Monday April 22 at 7pm central. Please tune us in on your computer, smart phone or anywhere you have a internet connection. Playing your request and ours is what we do best. Be sure and hit the Events page on Facebook and get in on the fun!

This is our 4th show and on April 15th at 7pm central the show will start and we will have some very special announcements,  So PLEASE tune in and let’s have some fun!

Click the Dana and Shannon show link below or the Listen NOW tab above and then click my picture and when you see the purple page click my picture on that page and away we go!

The Dana and Shannon Show
Monday April 15th at 7pm central. Be sure to check out Shannon’s website. You won’t believe everywhere you have seen and heard her. FUN FUN FUN is what we have so, Don’t miss it !

This is our 3rd show and on March 18th at 7pm central the show will start and we will announce the winner of our contest. So PLEASE tune in and let’s have some fun!

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The Dana and Shannon Show
Monday March 18th at 7pm central. Be sure to check out Shannon’s website. You won’t believe everywhere you have seen and heard her. FUN FUN FUN is what we have                so, Don’t miss it !

So here I am again on New Years day writing in my blog. The funny part is that I haven’t since this time last year. How pitiful is that? This has been such a interesting year for all of us really. We all had to endure that crazy Election, Debates, Scandals, Lies, Fiscal Cliffs, Cover-ups, More Lies, just typical politician stuff I guess. Lets also not forget all the weird weather that has really been going on all year and truly insane people with guns. You can’t help but wonder how much this wonderful country of ours can take.

For me this has actually been a great year. Diamond Rio was blessed with another good year of touring and our store is moving right along continuing to grow. My radio show on WSM ran most of the year and at the end of the year I launched my own internet radio channel “DWSHOW RADIO” and that has opened so many doors for me to do what I want, when I want, and how I want. The potential is endless and all you got to do is listen!   I had a wonderful summer with my son as he started to drive at the end of May and doing really well I might add. We had a fun time going to the lake quite a bit. Really some great family time for sure. Looking forward to this summer more than ever I must say. We all had a good Christmas. Shopping was as easy as I have ever had it. This year I told Deanna to not get me anything and I gave us both a Cruise, which when we go will be my first one for me ever. People ask where we are going to go and I say “Anywhere warm”!

For 2013 I have so many plans for my radio channel and Rio is going to do all we can to get a new CD finished and hope to travel to your town to do a show. I feel so very blessed in every way. Meet in The Middle will be 22 years old in February(Can you believe it?) and we still have the desire to make music.                 I am embarrassed to say but I still want to read the Bible this year. I lost some weight in 2012 but gave back some in December so back to the grind stone on the diet and try to take some more off. I REALLY need to exercise a lot, I just hate it so bad, another one of my personal problems I guess. Let me say to each of you reading this how much I appreciate your input, ideas, thoughts, comments and emails on everything I do. Please keep DWSHOW RADIO bookmarked on your computer and listen for your favorites.

May God Bless each one of you and your family in 2013. My prayer is for Health, Safety and Love for us all    Dana


Well friends it’s just hard to believe. 2011 is gone, history, vapor, and now we start a brand new year. 2012! WOW does that look weird or what? We were home for this new years eve like last year and I could get used to that. I like being at the house with family and friends. Lots of fun! Like last year the kids had friends over and Deanna and I had a couple of our close friends over and had some homemade Lasagna  and then a BIG game of Scrabble, which I WON  Ha! After their spanking we just sit in front of the TV waiting for the ball to drop and 2012.

We got up this morning and went to church to start the year out and so glad we did. Nothing like starting things out in the house of the Lord. The message really helped me with some resolutions for the year. I have the usual ones like, diet, exercise…….I know you know what I mean, but, this year I am going to add Hospitality, yes you read right. Hospitality! Can you imagine the difference in this world if we all turned it up a couple of clicks in that department? Well I am going to give it a go. I also want to read the entire bible this year. i know that last part doesn’t seem like a big deal but for a guy that is not fond of reading it is, man is it ever………..

I am pumped about some of the stuff that we have been in the studio recording for RIO and things that are going on for The Dana Williams Show. I got some things brewing that can and will be really cool so stay tuned. I want to say a big thanks to 650am WSM radio for letting me have a hour every Monday to have fun. What a thrill that is for me each and every week. I encourage you to go to their facebook page and tell them if you like the DW show and who knows I might talk them in to 2 hours  ha ha.

I just want to say to each of you reading this how much I appreciate your support and interest in what I’m doing. I truly love it. I wish you and your family nothing but love, health and God’s best blessings for this year of 2012. Happy New Year!    Dana

Nashville’s Dana Williams Show on WSM 650 AM Radio Plays Outlaw music Sept 12
By Nancy Goodman, Nashville Places & Faces Examiner

Dana Williams Show on WSM 650 AM Radio Plays Outlaw music on Sept 12. This radio show aired today in Nashville at 2 pm.

“Playing ‘legal outlaws’ music today”, said Dana Williams.

We first hear the one and only and one of the original outlaws in country music, Waylon Jennings singing one of his popular songs…then Waylon’s wife, sweet Jessi Colter singing, ‘I’m Not Lisa’…(Nancy’s note: That one really takes us back, love the song, haven’t heard it lately.)

Next is Merle and Willie with ‘Pancho and Lefty’..
(Nancy’s note: one of our absolute favorites!…’skin like iron, breath like kerosene’….we just wonder where singer-songwriter Townes Van Zandt came up with those words!)

“Put Another Log on the Fire (Male Chauvinist National Anthem)” by Tompall Glaser…(Tompall was born September 3, 1933). This song charted at #21 and was from his album Tompall (Sings the Songs of Shel Silverstein).

Dana: said, “I toured with Tompall and the Glaser Brothers back in the 1980’s…we went to England and played 18 cities in 21 days, was that a tour! …played a lot of poker, lot of cards…”

‘Loving Her Was Easier’, by Tompall and the Glaser Brothers..
(Nancy’s note: “This song always puts me in mind of the late Marty Robbins when I hear it. And my hubby said, ‘Turn it up, I love that song!’)”…..

Jamey Johnson singing ‘You Shoulda Seen It In Color’…’one of today’s outlaws,’ said Dana.

Kris Kristofferson, (born June 22, 1936) with ‘Sunday Morning Coming down’…he wrote it and Johnny Cash recorded it…’there’s something in a Sunday, makes a body feel alone’….

‘That’s Why The Man in Black sings the Blues’….Billy Joe Shaver…

Dana said: “Johnny Cash…lived in Hendersonville…wrote so many songs…played in prisons…Mr. Outlaw….singing “I Keep a Close Watch on the Heart of Mine’.”…..

“Two More Bottles of Wine”…(was this EmmyLou Harris?)

Then Hank Jr. with ‘All My Rowdy Friends Have Settled Down’ makes this listing of ‘outlaws’ almost complete, we think.

‘Thanks for listening, check out my website at’, said Dana Williams. He gave out the phone number to call and then said ‘Call me if you hated this show! That’s a different twist, isn’t it?”

(Nancy’s Note: “We didn’t hate it….Nosirree! Loved all this ‘outlaw music’ today, thanks, Dana Williams – for an entertaining radio show today! About the only other Willie song we could have asked for is ‘A Train Called New Orleans’ as that one tops our favorite of Willie’s list.”)

Dana closed out today’s show by saying “The main group of outlaw men, The HighwayMen. Kristofferson, Cash, Willie Nelson and Waylon’…and then we hear ‘The Highway Man’…

Dana Williams signed off his hour-long show and invited his listening audience to visit his website at and to call his phone 202-643-3262 to give him requests for next time his show is on WSM AM 650 Radio in Nashville.

As I sit here in Bossier City Louisiana I turned the TV on and see all of the different channels, doing the same thing. Remembering 9/11/2001….. just as I do. Actually for the past week we all have been seeing the pictures and videos from that terrible day and it brings back such memories.
On that day Diamond Rio was having our normal annual golf tournament at Hermitage Golf Course in Hermitage raise money for Big Brothers Big Sisters. Everyone was gathering, Arbys was there, Outback folks was there starting to cook for lunch and the dinner, golfers were coming out of the woodwork visiting, getting their stuff together finding their carts and team members on a beautiful day. Just like years past, it was going to be a wonderful day and then I noticed everyone starting to gather inside the clubhouse and a silence coming over everyone. I go inside and all the laughing and chaos had stopped. We all felt glued to the TV and couldn’t believe our eyes and ears. Such a change of priority and mood. As the attacks continued the disbelief grew stronger and stronger as with everyone in America. As time went by and tragedies just kept coming the time of decision was on us. Folks were upset, crying, mad, confused and ready to play golf. We had to decide weather to go forward or just cancel the day. We decided to pray and move forward and not let the terrorist continue to win. We all came to do good for Big Brothers Big Sisters and if we pack up and go home then they continue to do harm. We prayed for strength and love for our country and did our best to move forward. We had some roast beef, ate some Outback chicken for dinner and raise a bunch of money for a great cause. You did NOT win at our little golf tournament.
This is just one more story like so many others where we did NOT let them win. We did NOT roll over and give up. No No, just like America has always and will always do. The instant you attack us and think you have won, we come together in masses and begin standing strong together and WILL win. No mortal beings will ever destroy this country. You may sting us and shock us for a moment but you better run and hide and enjoy your remaining days. You have brought America together as one, again, to make your worst nightmare. Unreal how such horrible acts of Satan can create such power.
We as a band travel this wonderful country and see just how blessed we all are. We have met so many that lost loved ones and heard so many stories of how “One More Day” and “In God We Still Trust” has been used to help folks remember and mourn. I feel so blessed and proud to be a American. God Bless all of the families and friends of the ones we lost and God Bless America. Dana

Hey guys and girls,

Been getting a bunch of emails and such on the show that played today on 650am WSM and I am so thankful to have you all listening and enjoying the show. I got a message from Nancy Goodman and I’ll be, if she didn’t write a article about the show so I thought I would share with you too. I can’t tell you what a smile it brought to my face. Thank you Nancy!

The Dana Williams show – WSM 650 AM in Nashville – August 29, 2011

Nancy Goodman
Nashville Places & Faces Examiner
August 29, 2011 –

A recap of today’s ‘Dana Williams show’ which aired today at 2 pm CT on WSM 650 AM in Nashville – August 29, 2011.

Dana Williams started out his ‘Dana Williams Show’ today by playing a classic Hank Williams, Sr. (no relation to Dana) ‘I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry’. (That is a tear-jerker everytime we hear it!)

Then he played Porter Wagoner (August 12, 1927 – October 28, 2007) and the WagonMasters song titled, ‘The Dream’ which was recorded about a year before Porter passed away.

Dana said today’s show is based on Porter’s song ‘The Dream’ as, in this song, Porter said he had a dream that he went to heaven and saw so many of his old friends that he had played with on the Grand Ole Opry. As he called them by name, we got a glimpse of the artists we would be hearing today on the Dana Williams Show on WSM AM radio.

Lester Flatt with one song we hadn’t heard in years, singing ”Cabin on the Hill’. (Great choice on that one, Dana!)

The one and only ET singing ‘Walking the Floor Over You’ brought back lots of good memories of hearing Mr. Ernest Tubb on the Opry late at night.

Johnny Cash and June Carter with a great favorite song of ours, singing ‘Jackson’.

‘I Was Raised on Country Sunshine’, by Miss Country Sunshine herself, Miss Dottie West.

Roy Acuff with the song he always sang on the Opry, ‘Wabash Cannonball’.

One of our very favorite singers, Mr. Marty Robbins, with ‘El Paso’.

Skeeter Davis, (December 30, 1931 – September 19, 2004), ‘The End of the World’ which was a hit in 1963.

Waylon Jennings, who said he ‘hated this song the first time he heard it’ – ‘but because you love it, I’ll play it one more time for you today’….Dana says: It’s ‘Luckenbach Texas’, and I’m playing it for you today!

‘Mr. Sandman’ … the original Mr. Guitar man of Nashville, Mr. Chet Atkins.

Mother Maybelle and the Carter Family and Bashful Brother Oswald….’I’m Thinking Tonight of My Blue Eyes’.

Dana’s bandmate in Diamond Rio, Jimmy Olander often gets asked ‘who is the woman on your guitar’? Dana said that it is Mother Maybelle Carter on Jimmy’s guitar.

Then hearing ‘Jumping’ Bill Carlisle of the Carlisle Family, and one of his popular songs, “Is That You, Myrtle?” made us think of the many, many times we heard ‘Jumping’ Bill performing on the Grand Ole Opry late at night.

‘ Leaving On Your Mind’, by Miss Patsy Cline brought back some old memories of hearing her on the radio in early years.

Dana Williams signed off his hour-long show and invited his listening audience to visit his website at and to call his phone 202-643-3262 to give him requests for next time his show is on WSM AM 650 Radio in Nashville.

The show today closed out with “Satisfied Mind”, by Mr. Porter Wagoner, then Elvis Presley with one of our old favorites, ‘Treat Me Nice”.

We enjoyed hearing the ‘Dana Williams Show’ on WSM 650 AM in Nashville today. You can also listen online at (Please note, there were some distractions while we listened to the Dana Williams Show, if any song titles are misquoted, please let us know.)


Here is the link to the original:

Stay tuned for a bunch of NEW stuff coming from the Dana Williams Show !  Dana