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Welcome Welcome,

To my  website with lots of goodies for everybody. I have been working on this for a while and finally have collected all the things I was after to make this a special, fun website. I have included lots a picture’s from years past from the road, on stage, folks we’ve met, not to mention all of the guest I have been so fortunate to have on the show. I have included all of the past shows in the Podcast archives  section, Here is every podcast I have done, and I mean from the beginning. I truly hope you enjoy every episode.  In this website I hope I have fulfilled most or all of the request I have gotten but if not please let me know. I will be adding many more pictures in the Gallery as we go. You know I started doing this with no idea or thoughts of it turning into to anything except something fun to do but all the comments on the road, email and such that I get surely does encourage me to ROCK ON and make it as good as it can be. Always remember that your participation makes the show and website better and better so please keep the comments and email coming. You can always call me and leave a voice message and never know, you may hear yourself on the radio! So grab that mouse and check out the Dana Williams Show Website!  I really hope you like it.                                                                                                                                                                Dana

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  • Anonymous says:

    😆 dana, love the band i met yyou guys backstage at a concert in charleston wv,jimmy said he liked robert shafers cd which was out at the time, anyway the song youre gone is the story of my life, there isnt a song out thre that you guys dont do that i love i am a muscian myself and i cover atlot of the band tunes ill try to catch your show scott carper

  • I just got done reading your book”Beautiful Mess” and really enjoyed it! I thought it was filled with a lot of information that I couldn’t have found elsewhere. I loaned it to someone else that enjoys your music,now let’s just hope I get the book back!LOL!

  • Edward Szczepanski says:

    Dear Dana:
    On your show on WSM all about Marty Robbins you played “El Paso” & “El Paso City”.
    Two great songs but you forgot the third song about El Paso ,”Felina”. “Felina” a song by Marty Robbins is about the girl in “El Paso” and is the longest of the three. “Felina” is written from her view point. “Felina” runs over 8 minutes.
    I really enjoy your show and all of the shows on WSM. Long live traditional country music. Porter, Webb, Marty, Dolly, Faron, George Jones, George Strait, Loretta,Connie Smith, Jean Shepard, Browns, Carl Smith, Hank Sr., Kitty, Johnny Cash, Bill Anderson, Statlers, Osborne Brothers,Wilburn Bros., Eddy and many more.

    • Dana says:

      Amen Edward. You know I knew that about “Felina” and just spaced it. I will get it on the air SOON. I love it!

    • James Mohney says:

      I enjoy the old Marty Robbins Tunes, but I hate it when someone calls it the “original” recording, then plays the remake that leaves out one whole verse. In “El Paso”, this is usually the verse that says “Just for a moment I stood there in silence, shocked by the bountiful deed I had done”. I am glad that you play the originals. How about finding “The Master’s Call” by Marty, that one has a powerful message. Thanks Dana!

  • Rick Kelley says:

    Good to hear you on WSM this morning!

  • Mike Bell says:

    Dana, I met the RIO boys in 1992 in Portsmouth Ohio. I was the assistant Promoter with Mike Shalit and Metro Entertainment Group and again in 1993 when we had Radney Foster open up for you guys in Portsmouth, Ohio. My Brother has never forgotten when I allowed him at 13 years old to join you guys for a snack after the show. Diamond Rio is the best band ever and I have a Son that is 17 years old with Autism and he was raised on Diamond Rio’s music and matter of fact, he has the CD playing right now. Pretty much a everyday thing, but the music calms him and he enjoys it. Thanks for the memories that will live forever.

  • Craig Cartwright says:

    🙂 Hey Dana! I really love your shows man! They’re amazing and so is Diamond Rio! Keep it rockin steady dude! Love ya and your music you play

  • Craig Cartwright says:

    Love Craig <3

  • Buddy says:

    Dana, I listen in as often as i can and really enjoy the “laid back” interviews makes me feel like I know y’all…
    I will always be a big Drio fan as you guys have inspired me and my music for years.
    Thanks for all you do my friend.
    Bud 😀

  • Michelle Dexter says:

    Hey there Dana! Last nights show was great. My Husband and I were there celebrating our 22nd wedding anniversary, and you guys didn’t dissappoint us at all. We are such big fans of Diamond Rio and always will be. You are a very genuine man, thanks for the hand shake !

  • Geoff Coverdale says:

    😀 Great show as usual Dana listning in Carmarthen Wales in the UK coming over load and prowd

  • BRENDA says:

    😛 LOVE your show!!

  • Debbie says:

    Hi Dana! Your show gets better every week. Are you ever going to have your son on again? We’re looking forward to seeing you in Branson this weekend.

  • Larry Stewart says:

    Wow.. you are up and running! Way to go. I’m listening…

  • Amanda Henry says:

    Pretty good stuff Dana, keep it up…lots of old tunes haven’t heard in a long time. Amazing as always..Way to go!!

  • Janice Cook says:

    Omigeezers !! I am LoViN it !!!!

  • SONNY FOSTER says:

    Just popped in.. Your playing some good stuff. Keep it up.

  • Luke Brunson says:

    Really enjoying the show. I hate that the tune with Rio, Amy Grant, and VG isn’t available. I understand however. In my opinion, it’s a great tune and deserves to be aired.

    Thanks again to both of you!

  • TOM ..T. Singing..” OLd Dog’s & children..& watermelon one of my faves..,& of course..the Vincent Family Darren..Rhonda Carolyn..& her girls too.!!


    Hi Dana! I’m here in Brazil! Good luck to all ok

  • Jenn Hedger in Eldorado OH (Miami Valley) says:

    Finally got on to hear Radio Rehab. Love to hear Bryan White and his music, it has been such a long time hearing him on the radio. Love your radio show!

    Cheers! 😛 😎

  • LINDA says:


  • Jan Winders says:

    I really miss this music. Puts a smile in my heart. Thanks….

  • harry sudduth says:

    love the show, can you please play any jerry jeff walker. great guy

  • Shirley Osborne says:

    I am enjoying the music

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